How can I find out how much the job will cost us,
and when will we have it done?

Both the price and the delivery date for each specific project depend above all on the number of words, the format and the difficulty of the text, along with various other factors. That means the first thing we will ask you to do is send us the final texts so we can look at them on a no-strings basis and give you a price and a delivery date.
We normally give you a per-word price, but some services are charged by the hour. As for the delivery date, we study each text and offer the earliest possible date depending on the format and the difficulty. We are very strict about this aspect, so you will always have your text on or before the day we have agreed in the quotation.
Remember, there are translators and editors working at all prices. We think the price we offer is fair for the quality we provide in the final texts and the confidence you can have that you are counting on the services of a good professional. That’s why we don’t have a fixed list of rates: we adjust the price in each specific case to make it a win-win situation.

Languages and specialist areas

We translate from English, Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish into Catalan and Spanish, and we translate between Catalan and Spanish. In the case of editing, we offer Catalan and Spanish.
Our specialist areas range from tourism to banking and include culture, food and drink, advertising, insurance and medicine. We also offer translation and editing services for publications, particularly non-fiction works related to self-help, travel, food and drink or subjects related to health and wellness.

Who does the work?

We don’t outsource jobs. That means we are exclusively responsible for the end product you receive. For us, it is very important that the final customer knows who is doing the work and can tell us in absolute confidence about any incidents that may arise.

Our values

Our main values are honesty and integrity (because they generate trust, which is crucial to us); attention to detail, effort and generosity (yes, generosity too!). All these values are associated with attitudes and habits such as good communication and dialogue, openness, efficiency and professionalism.


Whether or not we sign a confidentiality agreement, we take this aspect very seriously, as we value our clients’ trust. With us, confidentiality is guaranteed.

Payment method

The payment method is bank transfer. In the case of private individuals, we ask for an advance payment of 50% of the total sum before beginning the job and the rest on delivery of the translation. In the case of businesses and publishing houses, we demand payment 30 days from the invoice date. This date can be negotiated in specific cases. You will have all this in writing in the quote we will send you for confirmation.


If you send us a document in an uneditable format or if the job is urgent, we may apply surcharges, which you will see shown in the quote we send you. Also, if there are changes to the text after starting the job which mean we have to do part of the work again, a surcharge will also be applied. We will notify you of this before doing anything.

Which formats do you work with?

We can work with various formats. Ideally, we need a text we can handle easily (.doc o .docx, .xml, .html, etc.), but we can also work with texts in other formats like .pdf or other uneditable file types.

What is the difference between editing for spelling and punctuation
and editing for style?

Editing for spelling and punctuation means correcting the text for spelling, grammar and textual conventions (bold and italics, etc.). Meanwhile, editing for style also consists of changing the text to make it more cohesive, coherent and suitable for its purpose (that means, when we edit in this way we make suggestions about changing the order or punctuation of words or sentences, shortening or lengthening paragraphs, etc.). When you send us a text to correct, before giving you the quote we will ask which of the two types of correction you require.

Why should we pay for editing or translation when we’ve got
the Word spellcheck and Google Translate?

Although technology is advancing very fast and results with certain software are increasingly accurate, these programs will never achieve the quality a professional can offer you. These free tools are useful for informal contexts and for processing information in a general way, but not for achieving quality texts that project a good image of your products or services.